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Where are you?

The studio is in Western Approaches, Southend on Sea, Essex.

What can I learn/what do you teach?


I cover all aspects of tuition including written notation and charts as well as the pracical side. As each student is treated individually, I will assess your playing during the first lesson and will gear future lessons according to which areas you wish to improve upon. I can teach you the Trinity Syllabus for Drumkit  and arrange for exams to be taken locally if you so wish. 

If drumming is completely new to you and you are not really too sure where to start then some of the many topics which can be taught are: Co-ordination skills/Time keeping/Phrasing/Groove playing/Playing to music/Reading/Stick technique and Rudimental studies. The main aim is that lessons are enjoyable without the feeling of being under pressure.


 What Facilities do you have ?  

The studio is well sound proofed and is air conditioned. You will have the use of a five piece Premier Genista Kit with Zildjian cymbals and sticks are available to use if required.  There is a drum machine for click track purposes and a variety of sources for playback. If you wish to record any exercises then you nmay do so using your phone/ipad etc. Any manuscript used during a lesson is supplied at no extra cost.

Can anyone start tuition?

There is no real age limit but I wouldn't suggest beginning any younger than aged 8. A parent is welcome to sit in with younger students.

What do you expect from me?

You should be prepared to practice if you wish to improve. The amount you practice is up to you. Please arrive for lessons at the arranged time. If Lessons are cancelled  with less than 24 hours notice an alternative slot will be offered to you or, if you are unable to accept that, then the lesson will still be charged.








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