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The exam venue is at AT Music Group studios in Rettendon. Due to the current situation with the Coronavirus out break no exams will take place until further notice.


I recorded albums for Marty Wilde, Martha High (from the James Brown band) and Speedometer featuring James Junior
last year which are all now released and I have just  recently recorded a library album of BBC TV theme tunes for Universal Music.
I also recorded for the BBC documentary about the D Day landings called 'D Day-the last heroes' which was  broadcast in June 2015.
Most recently I have just finshed recording for a new BBC docudrama called 'Royal wives at war'. 
I  recorded a funk /Latin library album for the EMI/KPM label in July 2016  which now  available on I Tunes titled 'Downtown Funk '74 by Speedometer. I have also just recorded a follow up album for them. More details to follow....
Additionally, I have been back in the studio with Marty Wilde recording tracks for his new album due out later this year and I have just recorded a library album of BBC sports themes for Universal Music.

Recording from KPM Library sessions


Trinity has also just launched a new syllabus for 2020 for which I have composed six new pieces for grade 2 and grade 7 and is now available to buy.


This is a new Retro funk band I have formed along with Sam Edwards (keys) Andy Staples (bass)  Zak Barrett (saxes) and Graham Cutthill (percussion).
We had great shows at the Writtle Jazz festival and the Maldon Jazz festival last year and plan to go back in the studio and do more shows this year. Details to follow......




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